Digital Solutions

Let Buehler Designs create marketing masterpieces that will draw you additional business.

Forward Thinking

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter designs, turn your dream ideas into reality projects.

Problem Solver

I like a fun challenge and am an expert at thinking up solutions!

Customer Support

Taking care of my customers is very important to me. I want you to love what I design for you!

goofy Buehlers having fun

The Buehler Designs Story

Buehler Designs is owned and operated by Crystal Buehler (that’s me) with the loving support and occasional help from her husband, Andy. As a mother of three, my top priority is to my family and spending time with them. Things are always quite hectic in the Buehler household, but a little chaos helps people grow and develop, right?!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been on the artsy side of life. There’s never been a craft or project that I haven’t been able to figure out how to make or accomplish. I’m a determined gal with a lot of drive and passion. I enjoy the outdoors, crafting, healthy-living (things you can read about on my blog), but my work-passion lies with graphic design. My husband says I have a knack for taking someone’s ideas, likes, dislikes and turning them into a design the client will love. I’ll let you decide if that’s true or not after you’ve worked with me.

I started this adventure of doing freelance graphic design in 2009 with just one client. I didn’t anticipate at that time to turn it into a full-blown business. I thought I’d just do a couple projects here and there on the side. Slowly things have grown by word-of-mouth over the years into a full-time gig with many great clients to work with and help along the way. It is a true delight to serve so many wonderful small business owners and learn their unique stories. What can Buehler Designs do for you?