Happy National Bike to Work Day (yes, it’s a real thing)!

Here’s a random bike fact to start your Fun Friday: a bicycle can stay upright without a rider as long as it’s moving at 8mph or faster.

Here’s another fun fact for you and your business: A business can not stay upright without a proper marketing plan and someone to implement them. That’s right, you have to have a plan AND a way to implement that plan. Without implementation, that marketing plan is really just a wish list of best intentions.



One of the best tactics to help with implementation is to take your marketing goals and break them down into a list of small actionable items. From there you will gain clarity on where to start, how to start, and who to bring in to help you reach your goals.

If you find yourself needing someone to help you weed through your thoughts, ideas, and goals for your business and build a plan with actionable steps for implementation contact crystal@buehlerdesigns.com.